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Naruto Uzumaki- What You Need to Know

For some people, the name Naruto might not mean anything to them so here is a quick intro as to what Naruto is.

Naruto is the story of a yellow haired dude named Naruto Uzumaki, whose dream in life is to one day be Hokage (Head of All Ninjas). However, an incident occurred 12 years ago, when a demon fox attacked the village; many of his villagers fell, until the 4th Hokage sealed the demon within a little child. This child was Naruto. As a result, the adults see Naruto as the demon. Now a Genin, Naruto is part of a three-man team - the members are Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and their instructor, Kakashi. Together, they will face many challenges, make friends, face deadly enemies, and try to survive against the forces of darkness.

There is also Naruto: Shippuden which takes place 2 1/2 years after Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya. (Real perverted old man with lots of skills). Upon his return, Naruto finds out that everyone has surpassed him in rank, and he's fallen behind and will have to catch up with them.

This anime has a lot of action, an excellent story line and lots of comedy.

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